Ryzom - The next Chapter!

In September, Ryzom celebrates its 15th Birthday and what a better way to celebrate than to take a look back at where we've been, before turning our eyes to the future?

Over the 15 years, Ryzom has been through many changes. Most notably, the teams who work behind the scenes keeping the engines ticking over with new features, game updates, bug fixes & events. There's been high points, and also some low points. But our passion for providing a full open-world, and a truly classless MMO that caters to as many gamer styles of play as possible has kept us focused. We think, keeping our goals focused for 15 years is a great success and so it's time to stoke up the boilers for another event! We're celebrating Ryzom's 15th Anniversary starting on September 16th and we'd love for you to come celebrate with us and say “Happy Birthday to Ryzom!!” The celebrations will last the whole week up until September 22nd.

At the beginning of August, we announced the creation of Ryzom's new 'Storyline Project Team'. The purpose of which is to work alongside the other Ryzom teams to enrich game content by helping to steer the Ryzom ship as we move the game forward. Their specific goal is to help shape future game updates so that they run in parallel with the emerging storyline, and give the players an opportunity for input into the outcome of events.

Plans are well underway to select a particular storyline topic which we'll deliver to the Ryzom community via a series of game updates, some of which will likely be in-game events that the players can participate in to influence the outcome.

We're hoping you'll agree, celebrating our 15th Birthday, and at the same time launching the next chapter of Ryzom with a storyline written in-part by you (the players) will be an exciting time.


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