Enter a unique science fantasy MMORPG and dive into a unique organic living world !

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[Tryker Event] Taliari Assembly (2020/06/07)

[For All] Fairhaven Market (2020/06/06)


Community: A real one.


Ryzom is available in German, English, Spanish, French and Russian, and features a great multilingual community that is mature, helpful and friendly. Everyone can talk and roleplay in their own language; therefore, it is not mandatory to speak a foreign language.

Join us to be part of the family!

Freedom: There is nothing more important


In Ryzom there are no classes to choose. Develop all the skills of your character harmoniously or choose to concentrate on one skill and become a master. You are not forced to choose a faction when you create your character. Join a faction during your journeys, or not.

You don't have to fight in PvP, but you can. Join a guild whenever you are ready for it and build up alliances, or just start your adventures alone or with your friends.

Search for the most valuable materials on Atys to create your own unique equipment with which it is easier to defend yourself against your enemies. Hunt the mightiest bosses on Atys. Conquer an outpost and drill materials for your guild.

Do your own thing or make an impact on the politics. Develop your character in the way you want to and start your own story.

It is up to you, to decide what to do. Feel free.

Atys: The living World


Atys is an enchanting and unique world, formed by the massive growth of vegetation with enormous roots. Populated by intelligent plants, harmless herbivores and fearsome predators; its marvels are matched by its dangers.

Roleplay for the win! It'll blow your mind.


Ryzom offers official interactive events (with live NPC's), regular and varied, that evolve according to your actions. Nothing is preordained!

Would you like to create your own event? The Animation Team is always at your disposal and will gladly support and assist in logistics.

In addition, many guilds are prepared to open their doors to help your character evolve!

For lovers of imaginary languages, the players and Animation Team create unique languages. Roleplay immersion guaranteed!

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