Welcome to the second edition of 'Behind the Scenes'!
Arionasis: Another star raises upon the sky of Atys
Interview with Tamarea
Hello Tamarea, first of all, can you tell us something about your work in the Ryzom Team?

Tamarea: I have two related roles: I'm the Ryzom team Manager and responsible of internal and external Communications

Can you tell us more about Arionasis' work in the team?

Tamarea: She contributed passionately to the Ryzom support team, and became quite key to the English Translations necessary to operate our multilingual platform. Due to her efficiency, and also her reactivity, she had become my Communication Assistant and she was responsible for numerous urgent announcements. She was also very active in the test team. Always motivated by her desire to help as much as possible, she had also just joined the Game Design team.

Did you worked closely together with Arionasis?

Tamarea: Yes, since she was assisting me in my Communication role and preparing to be the head of the Comm team, we worked together on a daily basis, always in a good mood. She was always very responsive, autonomous and efficient. I will keep the image of her as being a smiling, open, kind, devoted person, passionate about Ryzom. I will miss very deeply her human warmth...

Is there something else you want to say about Ari?

Tamarea: Arionasis loved more than anything to help new players arriving on Silan. The whole community used to see her standing near Chiang le Fort, with her CSR banner in her hand, ready to welcome each new Silanese as soon as they connected. Symbolically, we decided to leave Arionasis' company Yubo there forever.

Interview with Tykus
Hello Tykus, let's start with yourself. Can you please explain to us what you do in the Ryzom Team?

Tykus: Sure, I'm the head of the Support Team, part of the Game Design Team and a junior Community Manager. I like doing a lot of different tasks and evolving in more than my basic work :)

What can you tell us about Arionasis?

Tykus: Arionasis was a teammate with whom I had a privileged relationship, she was my assigned proofreader when I produced a document in English, I speak English well enough to be heard, but my vocabulary and syntax remain quite basic :)

Did you work closely together with Ari?

Tykus: As i said, we are close together, for her great availability, her concern to always help, her desire to learn, and I'm not saying that because she's no longer there, it was really her way of being, I didn't learn until very late that she was sick, when I became head of support in fact...

Is there something else you want to say about Arionasis?

Tykus: If we skip over the fact that she knew she was condemned, I would say: commitment, the gift of her abilities to others, that was what I always liked most about her... She did everything to hide her illness, until it encroached on her work, which I remind you, was voluntary, as for most of us. A great loss, but also an example.

Reward System in Ryzom: It's all about gambling?
Interview with Ulukyn
Hello Ulukyn. We already talked together in the last edition of Behind the Scenes. We already know a lot about you, so let's move on to the topic! Many players have the feeling, that the current reward system in Ryzom lacks fun. There is only the wheel where you need to gamble with tokens, which is okay so far, but it seems it is the only way to get interesting rewards. Players are worried that they will be forced to gamble for rewards all the time. It seems the Fortunate Wheel is dominating the rewarding part of the game, and will be much more dominate in future.

Ulukyn: No, far from it, we do not want to make the wheel the absolute reward system. This would not be interesting or rewarding for the players. It is only one of the systems with its advantages and disadvantages. Another reward system has indeed just emerged: Implication.

Which Position does the Wheel have inside the reward system at the moment? Which position will it have in future?

Ulukyn: The Wheel is only one of the reward systems we wanted to put in game. If it was finished before the others it is because, as it was in theory longer to build, we started working on it earlier... until a she-player proposed an excellent first version, which we finally only had to embellish and optimise. The wheel is the reward system used for HRP events, we will continue to put items that are rather focused on cosmetics but it will not go beyond that.

Can you tell us more about Implication?

Ulukyn: This is a RP-based system. Indeed, through dynamic events, daily missions, or even other means implemented later, players gain Implication. This Implication can then be used to perform tasks with NPCs. Currently, Implication only allows you to win known items such as sap crystals and generic materials. But it is a very versatile and simple system to set up, which will offer many possibilities in terms of rewards. We can imagine players using their Implication to perform special tasks (and quick tasks knowing that they already have to work to get involved) to help their nation or faction by getting items or other benefits. It is difficult to talk about it further because we wanted a system that is as generic as possible so that we do not limit ourselves to the rewards that we can offer.

Is there anything else you can say about the reward system?

Ulukyn: Rewards remain one of Ryzom's weak points. Your ideas are therefore welcome. What services would you like an NPC to offer you? Do you have an idea of some nice items? We are always listening to innovative ideas ;)

See you soon for the next one!