The planet

Exploring this world will lead you through its multiple ecosystems, from the burning desert to the sublime lakes, from the majestic forest to the luxuriant jungle ravaged by a deadly plague, and even into the dark depths of the planet, crisscrossed by rivers of sap.

Set out to conquer Atys or come to uncover its mysteries and its legends! But be careful, because danger lurks around every bend in these idyllic landscapes.

The continents

This continent, known as the Burning Desert, is the domain of the Fyros, who have founded their Empire around the capital fortress of Pyr.

Strong violent winds, long periods of drought, suffocating temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures at night make these smouldering dunes one of the most inhospitable places of Atys.


The Forest is the domain of the Matis, who have built there their Kingdom and shaped their capital, Yrkanis, in living trees.

Known as the Verdant Heights, this continent is covered with impressive and majestic trees and benefits from a temperate climate punctuated by four pronounced seasons.


The Zoraïs have built their cities in the plant maze of the Jungle, around their capital, Zora.

This continent is also called the Witherings, since it is infected by the stench of the Goo, a cancer which erodes life inexorably, ravaging the habitat, and mutating flora and fauna into horrible creatures.


The archipelago of the Lakes includes a myriad of islands inhabited by the Trykers. Here they have founded their Federation and built floating cities, with Fairhaven as their capital.

This continent, known as Aeden Aqueous, offers an idyllic scenery with its white sawdust beaches, its magnificent waterfalls, and its crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. Climate is sunny all year round.

Prime Roots
Prime Roots

The Prime Roots is the most mysterious ecosystem of Atys. Diving into the depths of the planet is the huge underground continent, its floor, walls and ceiling populated by phosphorescent plants and strange creatures.

As beautiful as they are dangerous, the Prime Roots hide within them the enigmatic remains of the past, and they host worrying Kitins nests. The climate is permanently fresh and wet.

The inhabitants

Atys is inhabited by many sentient beings. There live the Kamis, mysterious shapeshifting creatures devoted to nature's protection; the apostles of the Karavan, armoured humanoids controlling an unknown technology; and finally, the homins, who, except for a handful of primitive tribes, are spread into four nations: Fyros, Matis, Tryker and Zoraï.


Fyros claim to be the warrior people of Atys. Eager for adventure, fighting and hunting against those they consider worthy to defy. They are also hungry for knowledge and eager to uncover the mysteries of Atys' past. Not very fervent in nature, their relationship to religion has always been shaped by their pragmatism.

Most of the Fyros inhabit the Desert, inside which they established their Empire. They value Truth, Honor, Discipline and Justice. Fulfilling their citizenship rite allows allows one to become a Fyros Patriot and benefit from various assets and rewards.

Their ancestral language is fyrk.


The Matis are a sophisticated, cultured and ambitious people. They master botany and build their homes and tools from living plants. Both artists and conquerors, they believe each homin must earn their place inside society. They are the most faithful followers of the Karavan.

Most of the Matis live inside the Forest, where they established their Kingdom, a monarchy based on divine right. They value Loyalty to the King and Jena, Aesthetic achievement, and Competition. The citizenship rite allows one to become a Matis Vassal and benefit from various assets and rewards.

Their language is Mateis.


The smallest people by height, Trykers are peaceful, dedicated to freedom, and bon vivant. They dream of a peaceful world without masters or slaves. Their curiosity makes them excellent explorers and inventors, and they fully master windmill technology. Their personal interpretation of religion often arouses the anger of dogmatists.

Most of the Trykers call the Lakelands their home, where they established their Federation, headed by a Governor. They value Liberty, Equality and Sharing. Taking their citizenship rite allows one to become a Tryker Citizen and enjoy various benefits and rewards.

They have their own language, the Tryker Tyll.


By nature calm and spiritual, Zoraïs are the tallest of all homins. The Mask covers their face, a sacred gift from the Kami, who they serve fervently. Their holy duty is to ensure nature's equilibrium and to fight against the Goo, the plague of the Jungle. Always looking for knowledge, they master magnetism.

Most of the Zoraï remain in the Jungle, where they established their Theocracy, led by the Great Sage. They value Spiritual achievement, Wisdom, and Respect for Nature. The citizenship rite allows one to become a Zoraï Initiate and benefit from various assets and rewards.

They speak the Taki Zoraï.

Fauna and flora

Atys is populated with many animal and plant species. Hunting them (or “picking” them) allows the homins to obtain the raw materials required for crafting: skins, fangs, bones, horns, ligaments, hooves, eyes, nails… Everything is usable to make clothes, weapons, jewellery…

To enjoy the spoils of the hunt, you will have to learn -from your elders or through trial and error- different hunting techniques, as each animal or plant species has its own behavior in combat.


You will meet several animal species within the various Atysian ecosystems.

If you take time to observe them, you will discover an alive and realistic fauna, with its peaceful herds of herbivores migrating with the seasons, predators regularly trying isolated attacks, the prey defending at its best. You will be able to be in the heart of the action yourself as the predator… or the prey!


The most dangerous animals for the homins are undoubtedly the kitins. Organized, powerful and merciless, these giant insectoids with an elaborate social organization have already ravaged Atys twice, slaughtering homins indiscriminately and wiping out entire civilizations.

Since then, hominkind has been rebuilding step by step, but the danger is always lurking...


Atys shelters an abundant flora, including several species of intelligent plants.

These plants will provide you with useful materials for your crafting, but you'll have to learn how to escape their formidable attacks, including magical ones!

the factions

Two Powers, different but both mysterious, seek to control the destiny of Atys: the Karavan, who watch over the homins and propagate the word of the goddess Jena, and the Kamis, keepers of the plants and of the world equilibrium. Both possess unique powers, through which they protect and help homins who follow their divine laws. For centuries, these two Powers have observed each other without confrontation. Their protection will be of great help to you during your journey on Atys, and their wrath may be deadly… So, chose your side carefully.

However, if you choose, at your own risk, not to serve either of the two Powers, other doors are open to you. You can choose Religion Neutrality, and not take sides in the religious struggle, or become a Trytonist and fight in the shadows to free Hominkind from the Powers, or even join the ranks of the Marauders and fight both the Powers and the Nations. Your path could also take you to the way of the Rangers, who rely on the unification of both the Powers and the Nations to fight the Kitin enemy.


Includes all the Disciples of the Kamis, the protective bodies constantly linked to the supreme Kami, Ma-Duk.

Any homin willing to enter within the Kami faction must complete a rite of allegiance and swear to respect the Laws of Ma-Duk.

The Kami offer various services to their Disciples, the two most important ones being resurrection and teleportation to all the regions of Atys. They also offer unique rewards to those who fight the Karavan Followers in their name.

The Kami Disciples face the Karavan faction regularly during outposts battles, with the aim of exploiting their valued resources, using impressive and ecological tree bores provided by the Kami.


Includes all the Followers of the Karavan, the hominid disciples of the goddess Jena.

Any homin willing to enter within the Karavan faction must complete a rite of allegiance and swear to respect the Laws of Jena.

The Karavan offer various services to their Followers, the two most important ones being resurrection and teleportation to all the regions of Atys. They also offer unique rewards to those who fight the Kami Disciples in their name.

The Karavan Followers face the Kamis regularly during outposts battles, with the aim of exploiting their valued resources, using their huge metal drills provided by the Karavan.


Includes all the Homins whose ambition is to conquer Atys by rebelling against the domination of the Powers and Nations. The Marauder Faction was born from the clans of the Homins abandoned in the Old Lands during the First Great Swarm.

This society, ruled by the survival of the fittest, is governed by Combativeness, Conquest and Survival. Over time, the Marauders have developed their own language: Marund.

Marauders do not own any territory in the New Lands; hence, they have erected an encampment in a region claimed both by the Fyros and the Matis.

Any homin willing to enter within the Marauder faction must complete a rite of allegiance and swear to answer the calls of Melkiar, the Black Varinx, war leader of the Marauder Clans. In exchange, they benefit from specific services for resurrection and teleportation all around Atys and its warriors are offered unique rewards.

Marauders regularly try to conquer outposts through battles, with the aim of exploiting their valued resources.


Includes all the Homins with a desire to free Hominkind from the Kitin threat.

The guild of the Rangers of Atys, created after the First Great Swarming, is driven by an ideal of brotherhood. The Rangers believe that Homins should live in peace, without division; therefore, they forbid themselves to take part in the quarrels between homins, and refuse to lay hands on them, except in case of self-defense.

In addition to patrolling endlessly on Atys, the Rangers also hold strategic bases on the Silan island and in the Almati Wood. The Silan Camp, managed by Chiang, welcomes refugees that arrive to the New Lands. The camp in the Almati Wood, managed by the Guide Ranger Orphie Dradius, is used as a logistical center, and surveys the nearby Kitin's Lair.

During the Second Great Swarming, the Rangers helped save Hominkind. Their battle plans allowed a safe rescue of the population by convincing the Kamis, the Karavan, the Nations and the Trytonists to collaborate.

While doing everything possible to avoid a third Great Swarming, the Rangers keep close watch on the Kitins, eliminate their overly curious scouts, and develop new fighting techniques and discretionary tactics.


Includes all Homins who want to free Atys from the yoke of the Powers, considering the appealing rewards they offer as mere lures to enslave Hominity.

Trytonists' guide is Elias Tryton, a mysterious being considered by some as a Karavan renegade, and by others as the husband of the goddess Jena.

Since they are hunted down by the Karavan and barely tolerated by the Kamis, Trytonists have to lie hidden in order to survive. Trytonists are currently spread through guilds of all religions and nations, and have developed a secret network using code names.

Trytonists get their instructions from the Guild of Elias, whose leader, Nicho, is in direct contact with Elias Tryton.

Note: this faction is currently playable only through roleplay.


Some homins have chosen not to ally with either of the two Powers, but neither to fight them: they are religiously neutral.

Although they do not officially constitute a faction, the religious neutrality that brings them together far from Ma-Duk or Jena is often seen as such.