Fauna and flora

Atys is populated with many animal and plants species. Hunting them allows the homins to gather materials required for crafts making: skins, fangs, bones, horns, ligaments, hoofs, eyes, nails, etc... everything is usable to make clothes and weapons. You will have to learn various hunting techniques as each species has its own behavior.



You will meet several animal species within the various Atysian ecosystems.

If you take time to observe them, you will discover an alive and realistic fauna, with its peaceful herds of herbivores migrating with the seasons, predators regularly trying isolated attacks, the prey defending at its best. You will be able to be in the heart of the action yourself as the predator... or the prey!


The most dangerous animals for the homins are undoubtly the Kitins. Organized, powerful and merciless, those giant insectoïds with an elaborate social organization have ravaged Atys twice, slaughtering homins indiscriminately and erasing entire civilizations. Since then, Hominity rebuilds step by step, but the danger is constantly lurking...



Atys shelters many intelligent plants. These plants will provide you with materials useful for your crafting skills, but you will have to learn how to elude their formidable attacks, including magical ones!

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