The Atys planet is formed of five continents with different ecosystems: the scorching Desert, the temperate Forests, the tropical Lakes, the lush Jungle, and the underground Prime Roots.



This continent, known as the Burning Desert, is the domain of the Fyros who have founded their Empire, around the capital fortress of Pyr.

Strong violent winds, long periods of drought, suffocating temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures at night, make these smouldering dunes one of the most inhospitable places of Atys.



The Forest is the domain of the Matis, who have built there their Kingdom and modeled their capital Yrkanis in living trees.

Known as the Verdant Heights, this continent is covered with impressive and majestic trees and benefits from a temperate climate punctuated by four pronounced seasons.



The Zoraïs have built their cities in the plant maze of the Jungle, around their capital, Zora.

This continent is also called the Witherings, since it is infected by the stench of the Goo, a cancer which erodes life inexorably, ravaging the habitat, and mutating flora and fauna into horrible creatures.



The archipelago of the Lakes includes a myriad of islands inhabited by the Trykers. Here they have founded their Federation and built floating cities, whose capital is Fairhaven.

This continent, known as Aeden Aqueous, offers an idyllic scenery with its white sawdust beaches, its magnificent waterfalls, and its crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. Climate is sunny all year round.

Prime Roots


The Prime Roots are the most mysterious ecosystem of Atys. Diving into the depths of the planet is the huge underground continent, its floor, walls and ceiling are populated by phosphorescent plants and strange creatures.

As beautiful as it is dangerous, the Prime Roots hide in themselves the enigmatic remains of the past and host worrying Kitins nests. The climate is permanently fresh and wet.

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